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Pocket Website Features

Pocket Website website memberships are amazing. They are a cross between having a fully-functioning personal website and an interactive playworld for children and their families and friends. Each feature is thoughtfully developed with children in mind - providing peace-of-mind for parents and fun for kids!

In addition to the exclusive fun features offered by Pocket Website, most important to us are the safety functions that parents and children control themselves. We are also very proud of how our webworlds are designed to grow with children. Each personal site makes use of the general features we provide, but your choices for customization make each webworld unique and exciting.

Take the tour below to see the features currently offered. We are always adding more, so come back to visit often!

Pocket Website Home

  • Where it all starts!
  • Visit a Pocket Website
  • Check out the benefits of Pocket Website web packages for parents, children, family, & friends
  • Purchase and upgrade features and services
  • Read our FAQs
  • Shop at our Kidstore
Pocket Website Directory

  • Invited visitors can find your site from the directory; OR
  • Invited visitors can access your site directly using your own custom URL: ex. sydneyariana.kidjuice.com
Welcome Page

  • Personalized welcome page for your visitors
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Locker Log in

  • Everyone who wants to view your site must have been given a unique password
  • You assign the passwords yourself!
Home Page

  • Customized just for you
  • Easily get to anywhere in your site

  • Choose from a variety of playhouse styles; OR
  • Order a totally custom playhouse
  • Fully interactive with customizable rooms, including wall colors and furnishings

  • Choose your colors
  • Multiple rooms (depending on package)
  • Fully customizable. Earn Kiddos to buy more items from the Kidstore to furnish your rooms in unlimited ways!
  • Fully interactive - get items out of your closet & move them around
  • Put items back into your closet at the click of a button
  • Playhouse items may include special things from your own life, such as pets, "lovies", & personal belongings

  • Furnishings & home decor purchased in the Kidstore go directly to your playhouse closet
  • Get stuff out for your rooms, just like at home!
  • Put items away whenever you want
  • Some things may be animated
  • Kidworks may add surpise items to your closet for special occasions!
Photo Albums

  • Share your photos and artwork with grandparents, extended family, and friends!
  • Upload photos yourself right to your site
  • Add captions, keywords, and names of people for photos
  • Organize your photos into albums
  • Search all your photos easily
  • Place photos from your albums into Magic Picture Frames in your playhouse
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  • Archive all the stuff you want to save - writing, files, stickies, you name it
  • Create your own colorful folders
  • Save quick text for easy access

  • Publish your own personal calendar with event details!
  • You, your friends & family will always know what events and activities you have coming up

  • Blog easily right on your site
  • Upload and show photos right in your entries
  • Friends & family can add comments
Sticky Notes

  • Create colorful sticky notes and leave them anywhere in your rooms
  • Your friends and family can leave sticky notes for you, too
  • Get creative with fun (and funny) uses for stickies!
  • Save sticky notes you want to keep in your Kidfiles
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  • Every user on your site has their very own Kidspace page
  • Blog, share photos, and answer fun surveys
  • Stay in touch with all your friends & family

  • Create your very own storybooks
  • Upload your own artwork or use images you already have to put into your storybooks
  • Use our clip art library for your storybooks
  • Publish your storyworks on your Kidworks site
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  • Buy games for your site and play them with your friends
  • All our games help develop kids' analytical thinking skills
  • Play interactively with your friends: Blokus, 3 types of mancala, and checkers
  • You don't have to wait to play a game of Kidmail Wordbox (it's like Boggle ©, only better!). Just start up a game, invite your friends and they can play whenever they visit and decide to play!
  • New games being added periodically
Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Puzzles can be created from any photo in your albums
  • Choose how many pieces you want in your puzzle
  • Friends & family can put them together, too
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Poetry Magnets

  • Create your own poetry using the virtual magnets
  • Choose from several colors, and even mix them in one poem
  • Learn about different forms of poetry
  • Every user on your site automatically has their very own Poetry Magnet page!
  • Capture anyone's poetry and download to your computer as a PDF
Who's Online?

  • See which of your friends & family are on your site
  • Invite them to the Party Line to chat or to play a game
Party Line (chat)

  • Chat with your friends & family safely
  • Choose your text colors
Pocket Mail

  • Email with your friends & family right on your own site
  • Private, safe, and NO spam
  • Kidmail notifies recipients of new Kidmail whenever they log into your site

  • You control who can access your site
  • Add, edit, and delete passwords for friends, family, & visitors
Guest Book

  • A great place for your friends, family, & visitors to leave quick notes, greetings, and permanent comments for you

  • Earn kiddos by using your site
  • Parents can purchase kiddos and give them as rewards
  • New items added to the store frequently

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